December 23 2016

The Confident Girl’s Ultimate Last Minute Shopping Guide

Whether you are lying on the beach in beautiful, tropical weather or still struggling with your last few finals, you have to admit that the holidays seem to be on everyone’s mind. Being crazy busy in college, it’s especially hard to find good holiday gifts that friends will actually like and use for more than a day. Additionally, being in college makes it even harder to find personalized, thoughtful gifts that also don’t break the bank. However, gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive in order to show your college friends you care. Here, I’ve listed five easy gift ideas you can bring back to school after break for five different types of friends:

1. The Techy

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This gift is for the friend that is always up to date on the latest technology, whether it is the new smart watch or a new social media app. To impress this techy friend, get her this charging case from Apple; she (and her battery) will definitely be grateful for the extra charge during the day. For a less expensive gift, buy her stick-on patches from brands like Hipstapatch or Society Stitched so she can personalize her technology during the holidays.

2. The Coffee Addict

Got a friend who won’t even speak before she’s had at least 2 cups? Get her this clever mug, and maybe she’ll start to be a morning person during the holidays! Feel free to also add some Keurig cups of her favorite coffee brand to let her know that you’ve put some thought into her personal caffeine habits.

3. The Work(out)aholic

This gift is for the friend that’s always ready to try a new workout class or take a run outside. She’s active, always on the move, and she probably needs a water bottle with her 24/7. Make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated by giving her a S’well water bottle. They get more expensive with size, so pick a pattern that matches her style, and she’ll be grateful every time she takes a sip.

4. The Music Junkie

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Whether it’s on the way to class, studying in the library, or just hanging out at home, the Music Junkie will always have headphones in her ears. Why not make her entire holiday season by buying a new pair for her to use? For the friend that loves to play her music out loud and on repeat, buy her this portable Bluetooth shower speaker so she never has to part with her playlist.

5. The Sweet Tooth

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This gift is for the friend who’s always craving something sweet. Instead of stocking up on candy from convenience stores, buy her these customizable candy gifts from Sugarfina. As a college student, there’s just something about getting gifts in the mail that is so exciting, and Sugarfina can be sent right to your door. With sweets that look just as good as they taste, this gift will have your Sweet Tooth friend ordering more candies online even after the holidays.

These gift ideas and personality types are very general, so feel free to tweak the ideas or find other gift options. I hope these ideas help you look for more easy, personalized gifts this year, and I hope that everyone has a happy holiday!

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