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Spoonfuls of Smoothie Bowls without Breaking your Bank

Even if you have never tried one, you have probably seen a smoothie bowl surfacing Instagram’s feed almost every day. Popular in places like Brazil and Hawaii for decades,  Global demand for the acai berry fruit has expanded rapidly in recent years, and açaí is now cultivated for that purpose primarily. However, most people don’t […]


Freshly Picked: Strawberry Edition

Nothing goes together quite like summertime and fresh fruit, and on this edition of Freshly Picked, we’re talkin’ strawberries. As we approach the season for beach trips and barbeques, no get-together is complete without a side of fruit. And as strawberries are in their prime season, here are a few of my favorite recipes. Strawberry […]


Freshly Picked: Avocado Edition

With spring and summer upon us, it is prime time to get those fruits and veggies. Take advantage of what’s currently in season, and try using farmers markets and local produce. In this week’s edition of Freshly Picked, we’re going to talk about avocados. Not only does this superfood make for great guacamole, but it’s […]