September 24 2015

Build Your Own Damn Castle! 8 Things We Love About Debbie Sterling, Founder of Goldieblox


Seriously?  You, the confident SFTL girl!  You aren’t really waiting around for that are you?  


goldieblox girlWhat’s that you say?  Since you were little, you always dreamed of being a princess and living in a castle?  

You know what we say?  That’s great!  Now go build it yourself!  Don’t know how to?  Not to worry, SFTL’s got you covered with our latest addition to The Fit List, Debbie Sterling, CEO and Founder of GoldieBlox.

debbieinparadeWhat do we love about Debbie?  Pretty much everything.  Here are our top 8:







1.   goldiegifShe built a really cool company.   With it’s “pretty” blocks, great story lines about engineer Goldie, and engaging downloadable apps, GoldieBlox aims to excite girls about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) while they are having fun.  



train-conductor-annie-o2.  When Debbie’s high school math teacher told her she should major in engineering, she didn’t understand why her teacher wanted her to be a train conductor.



horrified gif3.  When Debbie told her mother she wanted to major in engineering, her mother said, “Ewwww, why?”.




4.  None of this stopped Debbie from graduating from Stanford (yeah, that Stanford –you go girl!) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering/Product Design.

5.  Debbie’s career wasn’t a straight path.  She worked in advertising, was in the Peace Corps, and was a marketing director for a jewelry company before getting the idea for and launching GoldieBlox.

Screenshot 2015-09-24 07.33.44

6.  Lack of women in engineering fields?  Engineering women stereotyped as nerds and geeks?  Horrified by the toy options for girls?  Debbie didn’t just complain!  Determined to “disrupt the pink aisle,” she launched GoldieBlox with a kickstarter campaign, and was shipping product six months after completing her initial funding.  

shampoo7.  Debbie thought of the name GoldieBlox in the shower, and did all the legal stuff needed to reserve the name with a head full of shampoo.  




8.  Most important, Debbie doesn’t want you to stop dreaming of being a princess.  She just wants you to build your own damn castle!  

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.51.57 PM

Debbie Sterling, welcome to the Fit List!.




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