August 18 2016

@ConnectToConfidence with Miranda Brody, Founder and Inventor of BeanBack

She was dissed by Justin Bieber this summer, but not to worry! Miranda Brody just took that as another opportunity to build her amazing brand, and that is why this young entrepreneur is taking the world by storm. With a patented design and trademarked logo, Miranda’s combo beanie and snapback is your must have accessory as you head back to campus. Don’t miss out on this fashion trend. Be sure to check out BeanBack’s awesome website thebeanback.com and instagram @bean_back!

FullSizeRender 3When did you start the business?

My first idea for BeanBack started in 2014. I was a sophomore in high school. As I continued through the next few years I took advantage of all my elective classes. I designed my logo during digital art/design class, and made my first business proposal in business economics.

What inspired you to start the business?

My inspiration to start BeanBack was during early spring, at the beginning of baseball season. I was managing the boys’ baseball team and noticed most of the players wore their hats backwards, as I did often, too. This particular day I was wearing my new beanie. I envisioned the two together would make a cool fashion look. That’s when I decided to create something that I have never seen in stores. I went home excited and motivated. I began ripping apart old hats, sewing and duct taping them back together as one. That night, the first original design of BeanBack was invented.

via instagram.com/bean_back

via instagram.com/bean_back

Are you planning on carrying this through college?

Yes, I am continuing BeanBack as I start college in the fall. I have designed my second season with college colors in mind. I plan to attend trade shows, and continue to maintain my website. I want to apply the knowledge from my professors and classmates to build my brand. I am excited to have a clear focus while choosing classes that will help me to expand my business through communications, marketing, entrepreneurship, and all that Syracuse University has to offer.

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What’s next? 

I would like to turn BeanBack into a lifestyle brand. My goal is for apparel companies to license my brand for their products. Travel has also been an interest of mine. I would like to explore the west coast again and pursue more opportunities there as well. My biggest thrill would be to fill college stadiums with fans sporting their BeanBacks!

reprinted with permission granted by M. Brody

reprinted with permission granted by M. Brody

Are other products coming out?

Yes, The second product that hit the market is a custom logoed BeanBack Bandana in six different colors. We are constantly sourcing new fabrics and patterns to expand my BeanBack hat line.

reprinted with permission granted by M. Brody

reprinted with permission granted by M. Brody

Who is the coolest person you have met through BeanBack?

The coolest people that I have met through BeanBack so far are young female entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses.  I am inspired by their dedication and willingness to help someone starting out.

Anything else you want us to know?

My parents and three younger sisters have watched countless episodes of Shark Tank together. That is where I first heard to have my design patented and trademark registered. Now I know that BeanBack is forever a part of me.

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