November 26 2015

Be Thankful by Mikayla Toonen


It’s Thanksgiving.   All I can think of is that home cooked meal my Grandma is going cook for hours and the Black Friday shopping after I wake up from my turkey coma. Hopefully after that I will have time to fit in some hot yoga with the family. Then back to school I go, where term papers are waiting and finals are creeping into my mind. Where in the mix of our chaotic Thanksgiving itineraries do we have time to celebrate what the holiday is really about?

Here’s a few ways to say thanks this holiday season:

hellokittywritinggiphy1.Write a loved one a card

leafShare why you are grateful that your loved one is in your life or a little story about a time they really made an impact on your life, big or small.


  1. Donate to a local food pantry

leafThink of all those that do not get to enjoy a warm home cooked meal on Thanksgiving. Be thankful for the food you get to enjoy and spend a little money on someone who doesn’t enjoy such luxuries.


  1. Share thanks at the dinner table

leafPut everyone’s name at Thanksgiving dinner in a basket, pick someone else’s name and share why you are thankful for that person.

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  1. Do a random act of Kindness

leafBuy coffee for the person behind you, post sticky notes with nice sayings on them somewhere, or just share a smile with a stranger.


  1. Give someone a hug

leafThe little things can sometimes be the best way to show someone you are thankful for their presence in your life.


(I mean even Ryan Gosling is doing it!)



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