September 15 2015

B to the A the N to the Greatest Spin Playlist Ever by Emily Joseph, SFTL Contributing Writer


Music can be a saving grace in the midst of a tough workout. Whether you are Spinning, running, lifting weights or dancing, focusing on a fast beat and feeling the build up to the chorus is both mentally and physically confidence building. What’s even better is when you have strong women singing in your ears (assuming you’re wearing headphones). If you are ever doubting your capabilities- workout or otherwise- put on some loud music by kick-ass women and dance, jump or Spin around. If you’re into the latter option, I’ve included a suggested cycling ride with ideas for each song.

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If you are unfamiliar with Spinning or proper form, check out spinning.com for more information. As always, consult your medical professional before beginning or changing your exercise regime.

A brief description of the ride: I like to set my classes to the beat of the music. If you ever feel lost, match your feet with the beat.

Suggested Ride:

  1. Somebody Loves You- warm-up
  2. Bang, Bang- jumps (4 counts in positions 1 & 2)
  3. Hella Good- moderate hill in 3 with pick-ups on the chorus
  4. It’s All Your Fault- sprints on the chorus
  5. We’ve Got the World– runs in position 2 on the chorus
  6. End of Time– jumps on a moderate hill
  7. Fight Song- heavy hill in 3
  8. I Do Not Hook Up- sprints on the chorus
  9. Love Myself- jumps (4 counts in positions 1 &2)
  10. I Will Never Let You Down- moderate hill in 3 with pick-ups on the chorus
  11. Fighter- heavy hill in 3
  12. Unbreakable Smile- cooldown

Emily Joseph is a student at University of Miami and a spin instructor.  


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