November 20 2016

Avocado Everything

Sliced avocado on a cutting board

I feel like it is a pretty valid statement to say that everyone just loves avocados.  Whether you love them for their amazing health benefits, their great taste or their ability to add some zip to your meal or side dish,  you can never go wrong.

Avocados are a very good nutrient booster.  They are sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and grain free, and they contain fiber and are high in potassium!

However, I have been using avocados a lot more recently to swap out certain ingredients that contain unhealthy fats; so I can make a healthier meal.

Image taking from www.thehealthymaven.com

Image taking from www.thehealthymaven.com

The first one is mayonnaise, and this is funny to me, because last time I was home my mom had suggested this to me and told me that a lot of people were doing it.  I thought it was just a mom thing, and I pretty much ignored her, but but now I do it all the time. Avocado is a good substitute for mayo in foods like tuna salad, chicken salad and my favorite egg salad! Also you can even use avocado as a spread right on your bread instead of mayo on something like a turkey sandwich.

It’s also good to substitute avocado for butter which is generally considered a fat to avoid.  We all know about Avocado Toast, but did you know you can even bake with avocado?  When you want toast,  use your avocado as a spread, and then top it with almost anything.  I’ve tried tomatoes, fried eggs, bananas, salt, and smoked salmon, just to name a few.  Also when you are baking cupcakes or cookies, you can use an avocado instead of butter.  Just make sure you look up what modifications to make to your recipe, because you might have to adjust the other ingredients and lower the cooking temperature.

Get rid of that bread!  Anything you normally put on bread, stuff into an avocado half. Things like turkey, bacon, tomatoes or baked eggs are great in an avocado. Obviously, the texture and eating experience are not really the same, but if you’re looking to break up with bread, this is a great alternative.


Image taken from Veggiechick.com

Lose the sour cream!   Avocado cream, which there are a million recipes for out there, can replace the creaminess of sour cream to add to your foods such as tacos or cream based dips.

Avocado pasta sauce?  Yup, that’s what I said.  You can also use avocado cream as a sauce for different pastas!

A small swap such as the ones above can make things that aren’t so healthy super yummy and better for you.  Enjoy!!


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