October 26 2016

UNItiques Takes The Runway – See Alex Shadrow On Lifetime’s Project Runway Fashion Startup

Image published with permission by David Hinton

photo credit David Hinton

Last year, we introduced you to Alex Shadrow, Boston University senior and founder of UNItiques.

As you may recall, UNItiques is the first college marketplace where you can shop the curated trends for student prices. While anyone, students and fashionable millennials alike can shop online, only students can sell and transact locally – on campus and with their peers. This means a student will never come face to face with “stranger.” Alex, a shopaholic and then Boston University junior, inadvertently founded UNItiques in 2014 after a dicey encounter with a Craigslist creep made her realize their had to be a better and safer way for students to shop each other’s closets.

UNItiques’ outright commitment to safety and trust has led it to become an award-winning hub for trendy and entrepreneurial college girls on 500 campuses.

We recently checked in with Alex to see how things were going post graduation, and she had some huge news for us.  UNItiques will be featured on Project Runway Fashion Startup this season.  The series (Lifetime, Thursdays at 10:30 PM) which premiered last week showcases aspiring fashion and beauty entrepreneurs as they pitch their concepts for the chance to secure funds from a panel of expert investors to help grow their budding ventures.


The episode featuring Alex and UNItiques airs on Thursday, November 3rd.  Alex will pitch UNItiques.com to expert investors Katia Beauchamp (Birchbox), Rebecca Minkoff (Rebecca Minkoff), Gary Wassner (Hildun Corporation), and Christine Hunsicker (Gwynnie Bee).

image credit lifetime tv

image credit lifetime tv

Even cooler, UNItiques will be doing a giveaway every 60 seconds of its episode (60 giveaways,  1 every single minute).  Head to UNItiques.com to enter, and keep posted on those giveaways via Twitter, @UNItiques and Instagram @UNItiques.
You cannot miss this show!   #ProjectRunwayStartup


Congratulations Alex.  We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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