February 12 2016

14 Pieces of Advice for Feb 14 by Summer Walker and Rochell Rotenberg

People always say, it’s better to start off with the bad news and end with the good news, so you are ending on a positive and uplifting note.  So, we decided to take everyone’s advice by giving you 14 tips for February 14th.  We’ve split them up into 7 Do’s and 7 Don’ts – so we’ll give you the Don’ts first.

1. Don’t sulk! Instead of being upset about what could have been with whomever, think about how much better off you are. You’re in control of your life and you have the ability to take it wherever you want!giphy

2. Don’t think about ex boyfriends/possible last minute Valentine’s Day dates… and don’t stalk them on social media either! During this time, remember what your best friend, mother, Tumblr, and every other piece of advice has ever told you- you’re better off WITHOUT him. Use this time to focus on yourself and truly learn to love yourself (shout out to Justin Bieber)!

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3. Don’t binge eat! It’s okay to splurge on your favorite meal or eat some sweets (see numbers 10 and 13 below), but don’t go overboard.  While it may seem satisfying in the moment, you’ll probably regret it tomorrow. Go for a run instead!


4. Don’t watch movies that you know will make you sad, or lonely, or depressed! Not today. The thing about Valentine’s Day is that people assume there are only two moods you can have: lonely or lovey. That is not true! Know that especially today, you’re perfect as you are and February 14th is just a day! Be happy today per usual.


5. Don’t express your loneliness/bitterness on social media! (That means, no Instagram posts, no Facebook statuses or shared links, no Tweets about how much you dislike Valentine’s Day… It’s only asking for attention.) We all know the girls who complain about how much they dislike Valentine’s Day all over social media, but we also know that these girls would probably love Valentine’s Day if they weren’t single.  Please don’t be this – even if you strongly dislike the day, don’t announce it all over the Internet.

valentines no one

6. Don’t spend your day and night sulking on social media looking at how great other people’s Valentine’s Days are! See above. To kill two birds with one stone, how about just stay off of social media for at least 24 hours – that way, not only will you not even see the Valentine’s Day posts, but they also won’t be able to tempt you to post about them!


7. Don’t third wheel…or fifth…or seventh! Never think it’s okay to go with your couple friends on their Valentine’s Day date, because even though it may sound like a good and fun idea at first, when you’re there, you might regret it.  Try downloading the new app “Hey! VINA” which was just recently launched in San Francisco – a Tinder for making friends! As PureWow.com puts it, “Swipe right for book recommendations and sweater-borrowing.”’


8. Do with your day like you would any other day! Wake up just as happy as you usually do. Go through with your daily routine, and maybe even try something new! The February 15th you will thank you – trust us!

9. Do work out and get your fitness on! Go for a hike, go to the gym, take a spin class, or just get outside! Today is the perfect day to maintain a healthy mind and body, while also making it fun! Maintaining a regular exercise routine will not only make you feel better physically, but also mentally – it actually increases your dopamine levels!


10. Do treat yourself to a nice meal or shopping! Look up healthy new recipes, and allow yourself to splurge on those nicer ingredients! Or, go out to your favorite restaurant and get that yummy meal you’ve been thinking about all week.  Or if food isn’t your thing (but whose thing isn’t food?), then treat yourself to a little shopping splurge.  Go to your favorite clothes store and buy the shirt or pants you’ve been eying and dying to add to your wardrobe…


11. Do spend time with other single friends! Self-explanatory. Be alone together. You guys rock! Girl Power. Strength in Numbers!


12. Do engage your mind! Yoga is a great way to de-stress and focus on your mind, as it requires discipline and makes your body feel better through its various poses and stretches.  Or, do a Sudoku or any other type of puzzle – these things take your mind off of what’s bothering you, and instead direct you to focus on yourself and living in the moment.


13. Do have dessert! Buuut…see Don’t Number 3.  Dessert is okay (dessert is actually our favorite meal!) but don’t over do it. You’ll regret it in the morning when you realize that you really wish you hadn’t just ruined your workout.


14. Do wake up and realize that it’s just another day! Valentine’s Day isn’t consuming! It’s okay to be single! Being single actually allows you to better focus on yourself and empowers you to do things that make you feel happy and healthy – if you struggle with this being single, how could you do it for two people?


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