October 16 2015

Actually, What Are All These Apps Anyway? by Zara Puskuldjian, SFTL Contributing Writer and Website Administrator

Overwhelmed by the 750k apps that you have to choose from? No idea what any of them do anyway? Or even which ones are that good? Besides from your must haves [Facebook, Instagram and Twitter] check out these 6 hidden gems that will help you win while you’re in college!

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This app has been my go to; it’s the greatest thing ever. Pocket is an application that stores web content for later use with the push of a button. After you download Pocket, and you’re scrolling through the Internet, if you see an interesting article but don’t have time to read it, Pocket it. Come across an article you know will be useful for a writing project in school, Pocket it. See a recipe you like, Pocket it. When you pocket something your phone saves the URL to your pocket account with keywords for easy access later on!  This app really helped me when I had to add 10 sources to a research paper.



Think of all the social sites you use; from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, She’s Fit To Lead, YouTube, your school email, school sites you name it. How many passwords could you really remember if you accidentally got logged off one day after you’ve been logged in for who knows how long? For me I know,  not a single one… That is why 1Password is so useful. 1Password takes all of the passwords that you use and stores them in an encrypted and safe place. How do you get those passwords you may ask? That’s where your “1password” comes in you use your 1password to manage all of your other passwords!


The Professor writes some notes on the board but you don’t have time to write them down cause you’re a slow note taker or are just to lazy that day, what do you do? Grab your phone and take a picture. Snap! this picture often comes out hard to read or terrible quality because you are in a rush. CamScanner helps this problem. CamScanner enhances the photos that you have taken to make them more legible for you to use later on.

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Evernote: There are so many different note taking apps out there, but personally this is one of the best ones I’ve ever come across! When you store a note in the cloud it goes to every one of your devices! This is great for me because when I type up notes in class and study them late at night, I can just pull them up on my Ipad or Iphone. Another reason that I love Evernote is because it saves images or as they call it, “clips,” from the web for later use. This is really helpful to me, because I often find myself interested in articles that I want to read later or use for information at a different time,  but they are PDFs so I can’t copy or paste the information anywhere. With Evernote you can “clip” specific sections of the article and save them for when you need them.

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Dragon Dictation:

If you hate typing or you hate touch screen and don’t want to get yourself an extra keyboard, try out Dragon Dictation. This app allows you to speak into your phone and instantly see your text come up. This can make a lengthy paper, email or taking notes much easier and much faster.


Looking for an online easy yet simple student planner? Having trouble remembering everything you have to do? MyHomework is exactly what you’re looking for. This app has made me feel more confident than ever; simple, pretty and reliable! myHomework makes tracking your school work easy, makes your schedule quickly accessible, and also integrates with Teachers.io [if they have it] so all of their assignments get downloaded right to the app!

When people say some of the best things in life are free, don’t question it!  YES this can include apps, just download them! Keep it real by keeping up with these 6 applications!  

I hope you like them as much as I do.  Leave a comment here or contact me at info@shesfittolead.com  to let me know if you like them.   

Zara Puskuldjian is a senior at Lynn University.  

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