November 25 2015

A Texas Girl’s Guide To Winter – How To Keep Warm (With Some Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Cold Collegiate) by Jamie Schneider

A Texas Girl’s Guide to Winter

As you probably know by the falling leaves, Starbucks holiday cups, and outbreak of puffy coats, winter is on its way, and it’s coming with a bang. As a girl born and raised in Texas and who has seen snow three times (two of those times the snow didn’t even stick to the ground, but it counts!), I’ve asked basically everyone for tips on how to stay warm during the brutal Michigan winters. I’ve gotten some great tips, and I’d like to share them with you. So here are some tips on how to stay warm during that walk to class that might seem like forever in the freezing wind, coming from a scared-but-prepared southern freshman.

  1. Buy a good coat.

This is probably the first thing anyone tells me when I ask them about the winter. “Do you have a good coat?” they ask. I think, “What does that even mean?!” I looked up what makes a certain coat “good” and found that you should choose a coat that has a high percent of wool in the fabric. Coats with polyester won’t keep you warm when it snows, so choosing a wool or down coat is the way to go. Also make sure that the arms aren’t too skinny so that there’s room for layers!


  1. Layer!!

As soon as you’ve bought a good coat that has room for layers, the next step is to bundle up. Stock up on long sleeves, vests, and sweaters and you’ll be a pro at the winter game. A hat is also a great way to keep your ears protected from the wind chill. Pompom optional.

You can be warm but still stylish like this girl.

You can be warm but still stylish like this girl.


  1. Wear gloves, even if you think you won’t need them.

For me, the first thing that always gets cold is my hands. I always think that I’ll just stuff them in my pockets on my walk to class, but that is never the case. I’m either holding my coffee or texting a friend to save us the good seats in the lecture room. That being said, make sure your gloves have texting pads so you can check last minute emails or text a friend during your walk without getting icy fingers.


  1. Drink something hot on your way to class.

Whether it’s tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, drinking something hot during your walk is the way to go. It warms your insides, and gives you a good excuse for that extra caffeine wake up before class. Set your alarm for a few minutes earlier to make that stop to Starbucks; it’s worth it.


It’s also just pretty to look at, which makes you happier in the mornings.

  1. Use God’s gift to mankind, disposable hand warmers.

This is a personal trick of mine, but when I get really cold, I buy disposable hand warmers at Walgreens. You can put these guys literally anywhere: in your pockets, your gloves, even your shoes to give your toes a little extra warmth. Make sure to buy these in bulk, because they last for about ten to fifteen minutes, basically your average walk to class. You’ll probably use about four or five every morning this winter.

You’re now ready to rock this winter. Stay warm, and if this is your first winter like me, GOOD LUCK!

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