June 1 2016

9 Things That Happen When You Become A Runner

image reprinted courtesy of H. Macias

image reprinted courtesy of H. Macias

My running career started when I was in 6th grade and joined the school track team. I fell in love with the endorphin high that running gave me, as well as the feeling of accomplishment and pride upon finishing a race. I continued to run when my track days were over, and have been hooked ever since. Running is truly an outlet for me, a way to release stress and get completely out of my head. I love to run outside, but if the weather doesn’t permit I don’t mind doing the treadmill. I encourage everyone to find something that they love and stick to it, and for me that is running. Listed below are some things that happen when you become a runner!

  1. You’re always hungry – Any time is meal time when you’re a runner! Running speeds up the metabolism and it’s always important to fuel before and after a run. Some of my go-to’s are trail mix, protein packed smoothies, and anything paired with peanut butter!
  2. Your confidence increases – “Runner’s high” is a real thing, and makes you feel more confident overall. I always feel like I can conquer anything after I finish a run, no matter how far or how fast I went!
  3. You make new friends – Runners stick together, after I started running I found some great runners groups online and realized how great it is to run with people who love it just as much as you!
  4. You save money – Gym memberships can get pricey, and you don’t have to give up any cash to run outside! It’s great because you can always find new spots to run, whether that is on a road, in a park or on a trail, you’ll always have options.
  5. Your memory boosts – Studies have shown that exercise is a great way to improve your memory and keep your mind sharp. Running helps to protect the brain against dementia.
  6. You get an energy boost – Running increases your endorphins (the feel good hormones) and has been proven to stave off fatigue and keep you feeling energized.
  7. You sleep better – Runners tend to have better sleeping habits, and fall asleep quicker at night. Running encourages higher quality sleep, I know that once my head hits the pillow, I’m out!
  8. You become less stressed – Running boosts the brain’s serotonin levels, and makes the brain stronger and resistant to stress. I know I always feel immediately less stressed during and after a run.
  9. Your posture will improve – Running tones up the body, helps you keep your head high and develops your waist line. Having good posture has also been shown to make you feel better about yourself – total win-win!

So there you have it,  9 things that happen when you become a runner. So give running a try if you wish.  I promise you won’t regret it!


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