June 29 2016

7 Reasons to Shop Local

licensed via adobe stock photo

licensed via adobe stock photo

You are unique. Your character, values, personality–these incredible things that make you who you are, weren’t a creation by chance. No doubt, you’re one of a kind, but you can’t take all the credit for that. From the streets and the parks, to the restaurants and the cafes, to the halls of the high school and the people walking them with you, your hometown is special and certainly something to be proud of. One of the best ways to show that pride is to shop locally. Here are seven ways that supporting local businesses will benefit both you and your town.

  1. You’re valued

You deserve the best treatment, right? Local businesses care about their customers. It’s safe to say that upon entering a local store, you can expect to be one of the only ones in there. This is a good thing because the small and personal staff can focus on you. They’re likely to get right down to what you need specifically. Service that’s all about you is a game-changer.

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  1. You’ll Find What You Want

In a bigger, nation wide store, it’s likely you’ll be overwhelmed by the heavy inventory and grow frustrated as you realize you’ll never find what you came for. In a local shop, the merchandise is meticulously selected by store owners who live in the area. Who knows you better than your neighbor? Local businesses know what you like/need/want, and they will tailor their inventory accordingly.

  1. Your Close Proximity

Distance means everything. All that planning, gas, and traveling isn’t a concern any longer when you choose to shop locally. Everything you need is right there. Don’t waste your day just getting to a big retailer, the hours are too short and your time is too valuable.

  1. You’ll Build Relationships

In a small shop, you’re guaranteed a close-knit shopping experience. Returning regularly to support a local store, the staff and owner will begin to recognize you and, who knows, maybe you’ll make new friends. Relationships and new connections can only prove to be beneficial, so take the free opportunity.

  1. Your Community’s Improvement

The money you spend at a local business stays in circulation in your local economy. By supporting a shop in your town, you’re, in turn, putting dollars back into your community’s financial flow and funding local improvements. It all comes back to you.

  1. Your Environment

Believe it or not, local spending is a small way you can take care of our beautiful world. According to Amiba, spending locally is better for the environment and reduces pollution because small businesses are likely to buy locally and require less large-scale transportation. Who knew retail shopping and environmental initiates could correlate?

Licensed via adobestockphoto

Licensed via adobestockphoto

  1. Your Town, Your Home

Your home is you–love yourself and love your home. Shop locally and show your pride for where you come from or where you live because these aren’t just random locations or tiny points on a map, they’re what make you the incredible person you are.

Next time you shop, consider the close and personal option; it’s the one that best fits you. Go local!

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