November 9 2016

7 Reasons I’m Still With Her


As everyone has seen or heard by now, Donald Trump is the new President-Elect of the United States. Hillary may not be our first female President, but there are still plenty of reasons for her to remain active in our political system. Yes, she has her faults, but she has helped so many people and inspired so much hope. There is still plenty of room to improve, and with her voice, change and growth can happen.

HRC may not be President, but we, the people of the United States, have plenty of reasons to be stoked for her to stay active in politics.

hillary-clinton-01-800She’s everything a feminist should be, and nothing like people think feminists are.
Hillary is living proof that being a feminist means advocating for people and showing time and time again that women are thriving proponents of change and influencing lives for the better. People like to imagine feminists as he-hating, bra-burning, poetry slamming, think-they’re-Wonderwoman she-devils, but that is not the case. Hillary has dedicated her entire adult life committed to serving others (literally, she’s served her peers since college). Yes, she’s made mistakes; no, she isn’t perfect; but yes, she is an inspiration for every young woman who has been told she won’t amount to anything and should stick to cooking, cleaning, and caring for children.

She advocates for women’s rights to make decisions about their bodies.
Let’s just go ahead and establish that no man should not have any say in what a woman can or cannot do with her body, nor should any man ever believe any woman  ‘owes’ him sexual favors. Hillary knows that women have the right to say no and they have the right to choose what they do with their bodies — yes, that includes abortion. If it’s your body, it’s your decision to choose what you want to do with it, and she encourages women to stand tall in that fact.

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Some of the most successful countries in the world have female leaders
If you don’t think a woman can put her emotions aside to make an impact in a country, think again. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, and Chinese President Tsai Ing-wen have proven that women are more than capable of leading countries a better and more successful future. Merkel led Germany through the global economic crisis to make the country stronger, Geun-Hye stabilized ties with the U.S., Russia, and China to structure an alliance against North Korean challenges and ease geo-political tensions, and Ing-wen has addressed multiple social issues, including reforming labor laws, reconciling tensions with indigenous peoples, and reforming Taiwan’s pension system. These women prove that women are capable of not just running, but improving countries, and HRC will, too.

She doesn’t just have inspiring words, she has inspiring plans
Hillary is a woman known for inspiring people everywhere for her determination, but her determination doesn’t stop with a well-spoken speech. Hillary has plans for every issue she has discussed. Her plans consist of closing tax loopholes, prioritizing rehabilitation and treatment for nonviolent drug offenses, helping students graduate debt-free by refinancing their student loans, and more. To see all her plans, just visit her website, or hopefully wait to see her continue to be a vocal force in pushing the issues with the new administration.

She has proven she can separate her opinions from her job and works in the best of interest of those she served A lot of speculation about HRC arose because of a certain 40-year-old rape case she handled when she was a defendant in Arkansas. While Hillary haters claim that she gladly took on the case and let a 12-year-old’s assailant get away with rape, the truth is that Hillary didn’t even want to take on the case. In fact, she begged the judge not to have to defend the rapist, but because it was her job as a defense attorney, she couldn’t turn the position down. Since it was her job to defend her client, she simply did her job. Why is this important?  Well, because holding a position in government or having a political voice needs to be done without bias toward issues within the country. Hillary knows that the best interest of the people is not always something that will agree with her beliefs, but she works for it anyway because she is determined to help the people in the best way she can. Hopefully, she’ll continue on this path and work with Trump’s administration to advocate for women, children, the LGBT+ community, and others.

Her career is flooding with activism for all people, regardless of age, gender, affiliations, and sexual orientation
Everyone knows Hillary as a prior Senator and, of course, the former First Lady to Bill Clinton, but those titles don’t even come close to representing what she’s done for the people of the U.S. Along with co-founding the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, she was also the original proponent for health care reform in 1993, helped create the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, diligently worked to preserve Planned Parenthood’s role in women’s healthcare, and even worked with civil rights activist to discover if education in Alabama practiced racial discrimination.

She gets sh*t done
HRC may not be perfect, but she gets sh*t done. When she says she’s going to change something, she sticks to her words. She negotiated the 2012 ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, fought for the Family Medical Leave Act and even fought to include wounded soldiers and their families under its jurisdiction. She was the first proponent for the Affordable Care Act and worked with President Barack Obama to ensure it went through, and even supports and plan to further develop the Paris Climate Agreement.

Hillary is inspiration many people need, especially women. Regardless of whether you voted for HRC or the Donald Trump it’s time to strive for female empowerment and universal leadership.

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