February 28 2017

7 Incredible Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

In the modern world, men are no longer the sole contributor to the vastly growing economy of a country. Women too have stood their ground and have given their fair share when it comes to businesses. In fact, a number of women have been successful in building and running their own firms despite the hardships they have to endure.

It is true however that starting a business, regardless of type, from scratch is more than challenging, which is why it is mostly the men who were known to start a business. But the social norms have shifted and women are now in equal ground with men when it comes to succeeding in this line of work. Knowing the statistics and facts of those women who have succeeded in business would certainly surprise you.

Understanding how these new breed of women entrepreneurs demolished the old societal norm will immensely impact how we further grow and strive for the betterment of society and ourselves. The statistics and facts about these women are well-arranged and showcased in the infographic that we have created below.

Take for example the minority group who proved themselves formidable. Since 2007, there is an average of around 842 women-owned firms that are part of the minority group being launched every single day. Latina and African-American women topped the list in terms of owning firms.

The data in the graphic provides the big picture of women’s stand in the world which was previously male-dominated. The data in the graphic below will also help guide and inspire all individuals striving to succeed in a business that is globally competitive yet rewarding in the long run.

7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses

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