July 10 2016

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Body This Summer

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via bigstockphoto.com

Summer is a great time for spending time in the sun and having lots of fun, but spending time outdoors can have some serious consequences if you’re not careful. Don’t let the summer days slip away leaving you dehydrated, sick, or with dangerous skin ailments. Rather, plan to make the most of your summer break with these tips to keep your body healthy and your mind happy this summer.

During the summer, most of us aren’t focused on getting the daily recommended 2 liters of water in, but with all the heat, dehydration is a big threat. When out and about, make sure to supplement for all the water you lose when you sweat .

Wear Protection
You may not want to wear sunscreen when you’re trying to be the tannest one out of your friends, but trust me, you’ll regret not wearing any. Not only does sunscreen protect you from getting burned, but it also prevents skin cancer, brown spots, and wrinkling. Dermatologists recommend using 45 SPF, which protects you from 98 percent of UVB rays. So lather on the sunscreen before it’s too late, and don’t worry about not getting a tan–sunscreen protects you from cancer, not the summer glow. 

Take some time away from the sun
Like most things in life, everything is best in moderation, and, yes, that includes tanning. The sun is vital to creating Vitamin D, but once in a while, skip a day by the pool or beach and take a break from those harsh UVs.

Eat right
During the most sweltering days, snack on foods like strawberries, celery, and watermelon. Foods like these have water contents above 90 percent, so even if you forget to bring a water bottle to sip from throughout the day, you can eat your water and stay hydrated.

Take advantage of all the beautiful weather we have before it’s too late. Go for a morning jog before the sun breaks out or even swim some laps outdoors. Remember to stay hydrated though, especially during swimming, because you don’t realize how much you’re actually sweating.


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