September 23 2016

4 Reasons to “Fall” For Fall


Homemade pumpkin oat bread by yours truly



  1. Pumpkin EVERYTHING

Call me basic, go ahead. There is simply nothing better than the sweet smell of pumpkin. I’ve baked a lot as fall approaches, and a can of pumpkin puree is becoming a staple in my pantry. I also treat myself to a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks because it isn’t really fall until I’ve had one.


  1. The BEST running weather

Post 10 mile run with my friend Kerala

I’m currently training for a half marathon and I start my long runs before the sun comes up in order to avoid the heat. The leaves are beginning to fall and the air is getting crisp, which means the best running weather is upon us.


3. Football is back!

Whether you like football or not, it is a sport that brings people together. I love tailgating and attending games with my friends and family. Plus, you can always stay in and watch “Friday Night Lights” to experience the football frenzy from the comfort of your bed.

  1. 4. Routine, routine, routine

My favorite thing about fall is having a consistent schedule. After a fun summer of traveling, working, and making spur of the moment plans, nothing beats getting into a routine. Before you start to think that I am crazy, understand that I love summer and all of its enjoyable chaos. There is just something satisfying about waking up at the same time every day, whether it’s for school or work. My mornings consist of waking up, working out, and reading “The Skimm” while enjoying my morning coffee before heading out to work. What’s your morning routine?


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