April 18 2016

4 Matz-About Time Recipes

Passover is coming, and what’s Passover without some delicious Passover desserts? Our author and master chef Jessy Rosen has been very busy in the kitchen, designing beautiful infographics for us, studying hard as a Johns Hopkins pre-med, and taking on some new challenges on which we hope to report very soon!


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About Jessy Rosen

My name is Jessy and I’m a junior at Johns Hopkins University. I am a pre med student and neuroscience major- just a girl trying to explore the 90% of the brain that no one knows about! As an up-and-coming fitness model and competitor, you can find me kicking butt in the classroom and in the weight room! I’m in love with health, fitness, and all things related to maintaining a balanced lifestyle! Minimize the negative; maximize the positive and watch your life take flight!

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