April 1 2016

10 Things I started Doing Differently to Make my Twenties Less Stressful and More Fulfilling

It’s so easy to get caught up in our lives with constant meetings, due dates, exercise, friends and family and so much more. Each day can leave you feeling exhausted. For a while, I felt myself going through the same day-to-day routine. I kept pushing myself to join more clubs and study harder, but the more I kept adding things to my life that I thought “would look good,”  the less happy I became.

I didn’t stop to ask myself if I really loved where I was spending my time. After reflecting, I realized I needed to switch up my lifestyle if I were going to make an impactful difference, form lasting relationships, and simply wake up excited every day. These tips helped me let go of constantly feeling stressed out, and helped me really start to love the life I was building. I hope they help you, too.  You never want to wake up and realize you spent so much time worrying about things that were just bringing you down anyway:

  • tumblr_njxdsqaY9T1r83d7lo1_500Journaling: Before I started reflecting on my priorities and the activities I was engaging in, I didn’t have enough time to relax before going to bed. Now, most nights, I make time to write down everything I am feeling and the positive things that occurred during my day. Seeing it all out on paper really helps you understand your thoughts from a different perspective. Remember to be your own best friend first while reflecting on your journal entries.

  • Gratitude: It seems so simple because we hear the repeated phrase “don’t take things for granted” all the time; however, any negative situation you are in can almost always be turned around by remembering how much you do have in your life. Someone else always has it worse than you, so be grateful for what you have right now.
  • Let go of control: This was really hard for me. You can’t make people behave a certain way or make life occur in a certain way. You’ll be surprised how much free energy you have to accomplish things when you are not wasting time trying to make others behave a certain way or worrying about the outcome of a situation.
  • Rethink people/situations that lead you to stress: This goes along with the previous tip. If you find yourself constantly feeling anxious about a relationship, friend or commitment you made, spend time reflecting. If it’s causing you more harm than good, let it go. You can do this by distancing yourself and surrounding yourself with people who share similar values.

  • Appreciate people: At the end of the day, relationships are the only thing that matter. You would be surprised how much you can learn by putting your phone down and socializing with those around you. This can lead to meeting a person who might change your life.
  • Plan: I usually sit down on Sundays with my planner and write down due dates, meetings and everything I need for the week. During the day I create a small to-do list focusing only on the things I need to get done that day. I’ve learned making a to-do list that encompasses a couple days’ worth of things to complete leaves me feeling more overwhelmed.
  • Give back: Do an act of kindness every day — make someone smile or volunteer somewhere you’re passionate about. In the end, you’ll feel more satisfaction and purpose with your life.
  • Choose the right job: When we’re young, we have more options and not as many responsibilities. You don’t have to work at a job you don’t like. Try to find a job that you wake up excited for. Find something that gives you purpose and engages you.
  • Learn to say no: I still struggle with this one. You only have so many hours in the day, and you will never be able to satisfy everyone. Put yourself first, and make decisions based off of your priorities and what makes you happy. At the end of the day, you’re the one who has to be satisfied with your life.
  • Make your health a priority: Without health, we lose so much of our ability to experience all that life offers. Many diseases are preventable and reversible through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Plus, exercise always leaves me in a better mood and inspires me.


I hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me. Life is too short to spend it in a hectic rush. Appreciate everything.

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  1. Yesssss. Gratitude! This was a big part of my freshmen/sophomore year of college. It makes such a difference c:

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