February 6 2017

15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Without Eating

What could be more motivating, especially on “Super Bowl Monday,” than a little self love (no food involved)?  Nothing we can think of.  For more great advice from contributor and blogger Morgan Koter, be sure to check her out on Facebook at Facebook.com/mintandmo and Instagram @themintmo

Hi Friends,

If you’re anything like me, you run to food to fill you up – physically and emotionally. I know that emotional eating isn’t healthy for me, and I feel better when I don’t do it, so I’m actively trying to find new ways to take care of myself that don’t include food.

I think we are wired to think of food as the reward or essential ingredient for celebrations of achievements and disappointments. It’s a way to take care of ourselves and give us a pat on the back.

15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Without Eating

Get a new job? Celebrate with food.

Lose a game? Cope with food.

Celebrate a birthday! You deserve food.

Have a bad day? Eat whatever you want.

Reach a goal? Food it is!

I know that food is integrated into so many of our traditions and culture, which I do LOVE, but in an effort to spread some love with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought we could shed light on other ways to show self-love and make ourselves feel good minus the food.

Take a look at…

15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Without Eating

15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Without Eating

  1. Smile and give thanks for whatever you have.
  2. Be okay with wherever you are now in life.
  3. Tell yourself something positive about yourself.
  4. Be less critical of yourself.
  5. Be mindful. >>> Be mindful of what you are thinking and how that is making you feel.
  6. Be less critical of yourself.
  7. Surround yourself with people that fill you up, not tear you down.
  8. Find work that makes you feel valued.
  9. See a counselor or therapist. >>> No problem is too little and your thoughts and feelings matter.
  10. Take time for yourself to do something on your own and be HAPPY that you can do it on your own.
  11. Say no to things you don’t want to do.
  12. Forgive yourself for mistakes you made or the ones you keep making.
  13. Ground yourself in your beliefs – whatever that might be. >>>Learn more about it and discover your faith and or spiritual life.
  14. Don’t give up on things you are passionate about.
  15. Stop looking for others approval on who you are and things that you do.
  16. Love yourself NOW.

Are you guilty of waiting to love yourself?

15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Without Eating

“Once I reach this weight, THEN I will love myself; Once I complete this marathon THEN I feel good about myself. Once I pass this test, THEN I commit to taking care of myself.”

While having goals is great, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop putting a timer on self-love. Start loving yourself right NOW. Give your flaws and failures a hug and accept that they are a part of you. When you stop trying to hide or change them you realize you can show up every day as yourself with a positive outlook: no need to feel so guilty about yourself that you can’t live.

So let’s show up today with love. Love for yourself and love for your flaws.

We don’t need food or a crutch to celebrate or fill us up.

You are capable of cultivating self-love that radiates to others.

You are loved!

This post was written by Morgan of the Mint+Mo Lifestyle Blog.

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