February 14 2019

10 Date Night Ideas For Valentine’s

February 14: the day of endless love! Whether you are single, with someone, or its just too complicated, there is someone out there that will spend this day with you. Here is a list of 10 ways to celebrate this lovely day.

Typical Dinner Night
There is nothing wrong with playing it safe. Take your special person out on the town for a delicious dinner paired with wine. Flowers are always good to bring to start out the evening. Depending on the person you are sharing this evening with, pick the restaurant accordingly. You wouldn’t take Beyoncé to McDonalds to show her your love, now would you?


Movies and Candy-In Home Theater
Going to the movies is just a typical date night, so why not bring the movies and snacks right into the comfort of your living room? Get all of your best pillows and blankets together and bundle up with your person. Don’t forget popcorn and OBVIOUSLY Chocolate!

See a show
This includes many options. Musicals, Plays Comedy, Burlesque, Poetry and so many more. This is open for creativity. Sitting with someone special to you and enjoying a live performance makes it even better.

Go Dancing
Now… I know what you may be thinking, dancing is clubbing and clubbing is NOT romantic. Well, take a night off from the clubs and take your Valentine to learn a new type of dance, maybe Salsa dancing or Ballroom dancing? Your choice!

Bar Hop
This is the best option for those who fall under the ‘it’s-complicated’ category. Take your valentine, or multiple, and go out on the town. Hit up some cool, funky bars that you have never been to. Great ways to try some new cocktails, listen to music, and be in good company.

Game Night
What’s wrong with having a lot of fun while hanging in your sweatpants? The answer is..NOTHING! Clue, Sorry!, or even Monopoly, bring the candy and flowers home and enjoy some game time with your Valentine.

Ice Skating
There is nothing more romantic than skating hand in hand with someone you love. Getting super warm and cozy and enjoying the music, while skating along. Even if you have never done it, Valentines Day is the best time to learn. Such a beautiful, fun, and romantic way to enjoy this holiday.

Nothing says romantic like breakfast in bed, couple’s massage, and cozying up by the fire. But all of that can be expensive, so we thought bringing the 5 star feel into the comfort of your home would be a great way to show someone how much you love them.

Cooking Class
Sharing a meal is great, but learning how to cook it together makes that moment even more special! So many places offer such a wide range of cooking classes, you and your valentine are bound to find one that is perfect for you.

Spa Day
This day is totally gender neutral, effortless, and relaxing. Manicures, Pedicures, Massages, and facemasks are just some of the many ways to #treatyourself. Whether you have a special someone, or not, who doesn’t love any excuse to get pampered?

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